Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All You Need is Love

My name is Cynthia. I am an only child and I am the primary caregiver for my father who suffers from early Alzheimer's disease. My father is 76 years old... I am 24. This is my story, my journal if you will. There will be a lot of tough love on this blog, but it is LOVE. Some people may not agree with my approach, and that is fine. I can accept the fact that I am imperfect, but I know that I am doing the best that I can do with the cards that I have been dealt. I also know that they were dealt to me for a reason, that of which I do not question for a second.

My father was diagnosed on April 14, 2009 with Alzheimer's dementia with component of micro-vascular dementia. An MRI from one year ago showed moderate cortical atrophy as well as changes common with micro-vascular disease. The doctors asked my father after his exam if he wanted to know the diagnosis. He said "No". I have told him that the doctors said he suffers from dementia. He does not know that it is most likely due to AD. I don't know how to tell him.

God help me.

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