Friday, May 15, 2009

I Dropped the "A" Bomb

I came straight out and told my dad his diagnosis verbatim from the doctor's notes. He pretty much just nodded. I asked him "how do you feel about it?" and he said "I'm frustrated but I guess there is nothing I can do." He didn't seem worried. I think I am more worried then he is. I am more and more confident that he should move into an "Independent Living" facility (as opposed to assisted living). I found a fantastic one and we even dined there a week ago. I asked him when he would be ready to move. He told me that he had to get his books in order first. His house is a mini-library. He doesn't want me to rush him, but he does acknowledge that it is a necessary step (Thank God).

I am anxious to get him in because I also want to find a therapist in the vicinity of the retirement home. I don't think he is depressed, but I think he needs an outlet and it would be very beneficial to him. There are some things he holds back from me, and that is okay as long as he gets them out and shares them with somebody.

With love, God bless

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