Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day in the ER

I had been planning this years Father's Day festivities for about two weeks. Nothing crazy just me and my dad enjoying dinner on the terrace of our favorite restaurant the Taberd Inn. Well unfortunately we did not have the Father's Day I was hoping for.

I called my dad yesterday morning to wish him a happy Papa Day and let him know what time I was planning to pick him up. Then I learned that the day before he had a dizzy spell and fell down in the bathroom. His torso landed on the edge of the bathtub, although he was not bathing so it was not a slip. He described it as losing his equilibrium. After learning this I immediately rushed over to his house, packed him up and took him to the ER.

He has three fractured ribs (above x-ray is not actually him) and a spiculated nodul (lump on his lung). The doctor's main concern is that he could get pneumonia if he does not do his breathing exercises and expand his lungs at least 8 times every hour.

On our way back from the ER we ended up having take-out Chinese food. I got his perscription filled and I put him to bed. Thank God he is okay, but it was not how I imagined spending the day with my dad.

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